About Paralimni

On the East coast of Cyprus near to the border of the ghost town of Famagusta is the bustling little town of Paralimni. In fact it isn’t that little anymore because it is growing on the back of the ongoing Cyprus development boom. New shop units are springing up along the main highway and investment in holiday property continues to grow.

Although the town center is about three miles from the coast the outskirts have seen some substantial development in the last few years especially in the form of luxury apartments. As the Cyprus developers have pushed land prices up; coastal places like Paralimni have benefited from more investment themselves. If buyers are clever they will find some great value apartments between Kapparis and Paralimni within walking distance of the beach which could generate some lucrative rental income.

Behind the main square is Paralimni town hall which has become a popular venue for Cyprus weddings amongst other things. Next door is an open-air place used for concerts and dramatic performances in the Summertime. The shops close for a few hours in the afternoon and Wednesdays are half day closing so unless its just coffee you want save that day for the beach. The town has more than enough parking but the locals still prefer to dump their just about anywhere so you may need to squeeze through some tight gaps when you decide to rent a car.

Beyond the town center is the main road that leads to Agia Napa and the coastal motorway and back the other way into the smaller town of Derinya. This stretch is known as April 1st Avenue and it is thronged with countless shops, bars and businesses of all kinds. There are some trendy home-ware shops along this stretch and two of Paralimni’s main supermarkets too. The road stretches for about 3 miles and makes up the main commercial area of the town. This is the area where most of the new development is taking place including business premises and several small shopping centers too. Everything from cars to shoes can be purchased on April 1st Avenue so it is worth at least a brief visit. Watch out for the traffic though because it appears that traffic indicators are an option in Cyprus and its O.K. to just pull out and go especially when driving around Paralimni town.